Can I notify another user when I leave a comment about a candidate?

Yes! If you're zooming through candidates and would like to leave notes for yourself to help you remember why you liked a particular candidate, you can do so by utilizing our comments feature. You also have the option to take it a step further and notify another user in your account that you've left a note, in the same way you @mention a friend on a social media site.

To start, find your candidate you'd like to notify your colleague about. Next to their name, you'll see the comment bubble. Click on the comment bubble.

Once the dropdown appears, use the @ sign to tag your colleague, begin typing their name immediately after the @ sign (no spaces). You can either click their name from the options that appear from a dropdown menu or finish typing their first name and last name, no spaces.

After you tag them, finish typing your comment then hit the Enter/Return button on your keyboard to complete the action.

Your comment with the @mention will be added to the candidate's record.

Last Update: 8/3/2017

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