What do the different user permissions mean?

Admins have full access change account settings, can perform various administrative tasks in addition to full visibility into all jobs and candidates. Make sure that you only give admin access to people you trust with the responsibility.  

Users have limited visibility and do not have access to any of the account settings or any of the administrative tasks admins have access to.  They will only be able to see jobs and candidates for jobs they are assigned to the hiring team.  To find out how to add a user to the hiring team, check out our how-to guide here.

When you initially add a new user to your account, they will be given User permissions.  If that user should have full visibility into your open jobs, click 'Change Permissions'.

After you've clicked on 'Change Permissions', a separate pop up will appear.  To change the permission level, start by clicking the expand button (plus sign) next to the permission level you would like to assign the hiring manager.

Next, fill in the bubble for that permission level and click 'Update' to save the changes.

If the User or Admin has permission to order and/or view background checks, check off those permissions under their name.

Learn how to change or add user types.

Last Updated: 4/1/2016

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