Understanding the Status of a Background Check

Check on the status of your candidate's background check right from their profile. There are several different statuses, here is a quick rundown of what each one means:

Draft: If your candidate has not filled out the background check form and has not given their consent to initiate the search, the search status will read "Draft". At any point, you can click 'View Full Report' next to a search to see additional details.

Pending: After your candidate has given their consent, the search can begin and a list of the searches that are being performed will populate as "Pending".

Completed: This status means the background check has been completed for the candidate.

Please be advised that the report will still show as completed even if there are canceled events such as drug screens or MVR’s. If you would like to update the status of a canceled event, please reach out to support.

Canceled: If the candidate has not authorized the background check within 10 days, the status will show as “Canceled”.

If at any time, you want to re-initiate the background check services for a candidate, click the 'Order Again' button the status page.

When a background has been canceled, you will not be charged for this order.

Last Updated: 2/27/2018 

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