How do I check the status of a background check?

Send your candidate a background check and waiting to hear back?  You can check on the status of your candidate's background check right from their profile.

Start by clicking on the 'Candidates' tab in the Selection Manager, then click on the status for the background check under the 'Background Check' heading.  The status will either read 'Sent' or 'Complete' if services have been ordered for the candidate.

You will now be taken to the status page.  There are several different statuses, here is a quick rundown of what each one means:

If your candidate has not filled out the background check form and has not given their consent to initiate the search, the search status will read 'Draft'.

After your candidate has given their consent, the search can begin and a list of the searches that are being performed will populate under the 'Status' heading.  Here you will be able to see which reports are completed and which reports are still in progress.  At any point you can click 'View Full Report' next to a search to see additional details.  Any 'Hits' on your candidate's record will only appear once the entire package is complete.

Once completed, the results will changed to 'Completed' and a full report will populate for you to view.  You will also now be able to see a quick snapshot of any 'Hits' on your candidate's record with the 'Record Found' flag next to the component.  Make sure to always click to view the full report to see these details.

The last and final status is 'Cancelled'. Once the background check has been ordered, your candidate has 10 days to complete the authorization and disclosure process. If they do not take any action on the background check during those 10 days, the background check will automatically cancel out.

If at any time, you want to re-initiate the background check services for a candidate, click the 'Order Again' button the status page.

Last Updated:  10/27/2016

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