How do I share notes about a candidate with my fellow hiring managers?

You can easily share notes with other hiring managers by adding comments into the candidate's profile.

From most candidate review areas within the platform, you'll see a little black comment bubble. This will allow you to type notes and actually tag your fellow hiring managers to notify them of your thoughts.

Once you click on the text bubble, you will be able to enter in your notes about the candidate.  In this box, you will also be able to attach additional documents to your comment if you wish, by clicking the 'Attach file' button.

If you want to tag a fellow hiring manager, use the @ sign and begin typing their name.  Once you begin typing, a dropdown menu will appear with a list of names that match the letters you typed.  Click on the hiring manager's name you would like to notify to include it in your comment.

After your comment has been saved, the number to the right of the text bubble will change depending on how many comments have been left for this particular candidate.  Your fellowing hiring managers and team members will be able to see the change and view the comments by clicking on the bubble.

After a comment has been left, you will be able to see who left the comment and when.  Don't like what was written or leave the wrong comment on the wrong candidate?  No problem.  By clicking the 'Delete' in this box, you will be able delete the comment.


Last Updated:  8/3/2017

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