How do I add someone to the hiring team for a job?

To add a team member to the hiring team for a job, open the page for the job you want to add them to, then scroll down to the bottom and click the 'Team Members' button in upper center portion of the page.

A box will appear where you can see the team members already associated to the position and a place to 'Add Team Members'.  Click 'Add Team Members' and begin typing the user's name.  Once they appear in the search box, select their name to complete the task.

The additional team members will be able to see the job and complete tasks.  They will also receive notification emails whenever a candidate applies and/or completes a SmartRank survey.

You can only add registered users to the hiring team (If you need help adding a user to your account, look here).

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Last Updated:  5/6/2015

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