What is the candidate's authorization process for a background check and drug screen?

When you order a background check and/or drug screen on a candidate, the candidate first needs to give their consent in order to initiate the services.  If a drug screen is ordered either with or without other services, the candidate will be able to electronically choose the facility they would like to go to in order to complete the sample process.

To start, your candidate will receive an email from customer_service@accuratebackground.com which will contain a link and a username and password to log into the electronic authorization and disclosure system.

After they click the link, they will land on this page where they will use the username and password contained in the email to log into the system.

Next, your candidate will be prompted to select the country and state in which they currently reside as well as the country and state they are applying to work then click 'Submit' to move along the process.

In the next screen, the candidate will be asked to sign an electronic authorization/consent form for two different disclosures. The candidate's signature on the electronic form must match exactly the name listed on the order confirmation receipt. Any difference, however slight, will prevent the candidate from submitting the form (e.g. middle initial, misspelling, etc.)

Your candidate will have the opportunity to download PDF versions of the disclosure forms before continuing on to enter their personal information.

Next, they'll need to enter in their personal information to run the background check.

Before continuing on to the drug screen, they'll need to reconfirm that the information entered into the form is accurate.  If a drug screen was not ordered for your candidate, this will be the last step they will need to take before exiting the system.

There are four steps in the process that your candidate will need to complete in order to get themselves set up for their drug screen.

The first step is to enter their personal information.  There are only two required fields in this step, the first and last name because the drug screen is linked with the background check and we have links on the backend of the system to tie the two together so you can see realtime status updates in your Hireology account.

For step two, your candidate will have to enter their home address or their home zip code in addition to a search radius.  This information will determine the facilities in the candidate's area that are within our drug testing partner's network.  After they enter an address or zip code and search radius, they will need to click 'Search'.

After they click 'Search' and the list of facilities in the given search radius appears, they will need to click 'Select' next to the facility that is most convenient for them.

The candidate will then need to confirm the site they have requested and then click 'Next' to obtain their documentation in order to complete the process.

Once they've confirmed and clicked 'Next', they will have the option to either print out the paperwork needed at the facility to report for their drug screen or, if they do not have access to a printer at that moment, they can email the passport to themselves and print at a later time.

Note: If your candidate does not either print or email the drug screen passport before exiting this screen, they will not be able to log back into the system to obtain it.

After they have printed or emailed the passport, the background check will begin and you will be able to see the status updated in your Hireology account.  (Not sure where to go to check the status? Click here to find out!)

Here is an example of the passport your candidate will need to take with them to their drug screen in order to complete the process.

Last Update: 10/27/2015

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