Candidate Management

  1. How do I know which job site my candidate applied from?

  2. How do I send rejection letters to candidates in the inactive pool?

  3. Can I tell if a candidate applied to other positions in my account?

  4. Can I mass email candidates?

  5. Can I mass reject candidates? How?

  6. Can I track referrals through my Hireology account?

  7. How do I mark a candidate as 'Hired'?

  8. Can I update my candidate's email address?

  9. What do the different candidate traffic sources mean?

  10. How do I find a candidate by name?

  11. How do I move a candidate back from inactive status?

  12. Can I add other documents to a candidate's profile?

  13. Where can I see which emails I've sent to a candidate?

  14. Is there a way to move candidates into another job in my account?

  15. Does the candidate see when I click thumbs down, give them stars or write notes?

  16. Can I share a candidate with someone who is not a Hireology user? How?

  17. Can I remove a candidate from 'Hired' status?

  18. How do I change a candidate's status?

  19. Can I mark a candidate as 'New' after I've reviewed them? How?

  20. What happens when I click 'Hire'?

  21. Can I delete comments from a candidate's record?

  22. Can I notify another user when I leave a comment about a candidate?

  23. Can I move a candidate from one job to another?

  24. How do I see if I've shared a candidate with another hiring manager?

  25. How do I update the resume of a candidate that has already applied?

  26. How can I search for candidates?

  27. How do I use the 'Advanced Candidate Search' feature?

  28. If I email a candidate through my account, can I see their response in my account as well?

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